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Default Re: Interesting Traditional Bowl

Originally Posted by mattathayde View Post
i doubt you would get sick from hookah if you smoked tombak and got sick, if youve tried black moassel just think how big of a difference that is to modern flavored stuff, tombak is going to be totally different as well

True. I do enjoy Nakhla Zaghoul, but with the foil on of course.

Actually, ive been thinking. I think i already have a tombac bowl, kinda. Since im a tuba player, the mouthpieces are huge, i should just throw one of my old ones on my hookah (it fits) and i might order some....idk, im kinda scared of it lol.

I have a few of these laying around

I also have one made of lexan that i use as a mouthpiece on the hose for. Think "female" mouthpiece. It feels much more natural.
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