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Talking Need help in purchasing my new hookah.

So here is my problem... My current hookah is falling apart because every part screws together and all of the threads are just shot, the stem wont even screw onto the shaft anymore.

So, I have decided I want a KM hookah, they seem to be the best, at least on this forum. So here are my questions, I hope I can get some answers:

1.Which do people prefer, a single hose or 2 hoses? -won't go higher than 2

- I'll explain, when I smoke I like it to be a social thing with 1+ people besides me smoking, and I find it annoying to constantly pass the hose, especially when I'm just laying back and relaxing. So based on those factors, should I be looking for a 1 or 2 hose KM hookah?

2. Can the KM brand be modified so that a one hose hookah can become a 2 hose?

3. I know there are threads about where to buy KM's, but does anyone have a favorite site or one they have used that had great service?

Sorry for all the questions, but I've been smoking awhile now and I just want to get a quality hookah that will last for years.

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