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Originally Posted by Coldgr33ntea View Post
What i like about this pattern is that if it gets too hot, you move the coal to the part without holes, then it can cool down easier because the heat has somewhere to go
i never need to move them, i just ash 'em, flip 'em and put them right on the same spot again, thats how good i am XD but yeah, you can if you have to

Originally Posted by Kwikwi View Post
Of course they don't. Everyone smokes the same brand with the exact same coals on the exact same setup. Hey BrazilR I would guess it works well with coconut coals also.
i don't know, never tried any coconut coals, but if you try it lemme know how it works
Originally Posted by FeliFeliWooo View Post
thats interesting
a lot of people have been having problems with mod bowls on this forum
and apparently you got it down
big props for that
1st of all, thank you sir 8D
and 2nd, its not that hard XD i've had it down for 2 years now
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