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Default Re: Need help in purchasing my new hookah.

I must say as great of an idea as a two hose hookah sounds, its actually more work because you have to cover one of the hose ends to smoke out it and if two hoses are being smoked out of simontainiously (spelt phoneticly of course, lol) It makes the pull really hard and burns the hell out of the bowl...

and from what I hear they all have the same diameter down stem so size shouldn't make a diff.

but as far as who to order from I have heard nothing but good things about **********. his customer service is suposta be out of this world... also I have seen some pretty decked out ones at

I have also heard great things about Mz and Nour hookahs... I just ordered a km myself, my reasoning was because km hookahs are supost. to be practicly indestructable... but you may not like how open the draw is, its like breathing, some people though, prefer a more restricted pull, that is if your not a heavy hookah smoker...

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