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I've been mixing several things lately, some with good results, some with not so good results.

The good ones for me so far, and keep in mind that I don't go for buzz and that's not a factor in my shisha choices, are:

Hydro Herbal Sweet Rose and Nakhla Earl Grey. Yum! I like it heavier on the rose because the Earl Grey needs the sweetness. The rose flavor is eclipsed by the Earl Gray, for the most part. I got the idea of mixing it because I have some Earl Grey/Rose tea that I love to drink iced. I think the Earl Grey is probably going to be an acquired taste for most people, it certainly isn't what I expected but it's growing on me.

Hydro Grape and Hydro Apple. Mild but yummy.

Hydro Herbal Sweet Rose and Al Fakher Rose. I like this mix because the Al Fakher Rose is rich and full of taste but isn't as sweet as I'd like, the Hydro Sweet Rose fills in that gap.

Hydro Herbal Grape and Nakhla Apple. Probably my favorite mix at the moment.

If I'm going to smoke a tobacco shisha I really love mixing it with some Hydro Herbal because nicotine does not make me feel so good. The mix of the two reduces the buzz and the nicotine hangover isn't as bad for me.
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