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Default Re: Rant: Hookah hoses

Originally Posted by kingboyb View Post
Oh yea? How much would you want to pay for one? Everyone wants more detail, etc on these hoses, but when the price comes out to $40 a hose I can guarantee 90% of people who want this type of product would turn up thier nose.
Well we already saw slight variation when new washables came on the market to try and stay ahead of the competition. Large and smaller sizes, new and more modern colors as well as different mouth pieces. But all together the changes were minute and often looked terrible. A basic washable hose with a different and less "KM" style would cost the exact same to produce as it uses the same materials.

I am really hoping that the new long handled Mya hoses are washable but I doubt it. If they are I am most likely grabbing one of those since I like the look of it.

Remember that these are business people always looking for the next big hit product. They just don't seem to know what we want.

Let us not forget the "advancements" the nammor hose has shown us. Flashing lights in clear plastic and piss colored transparent hoses accented by green and red with ridiculously unwieldy mouth pieces and handles...
The people who make themselves heard are the ones who's ideas see the light and frankly I have no faith in these people based on what i have seen so far.
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