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Default Re: Rant: Hookah hoses

Originally Posted by kingboyb View Post
Oh yea? How much would you want to pay for one? Everyone wants more detail, etc on these hoses, but when the price comes out to $40 a hose I can guarantee 90% of people who want this type of product would turn up thier nose.
The thing is. I really wouldnt mind paying $40 a hose if they incorporated the things that interest me. The thing that is stopping me from buying the hoses on todays market is that they are boring. If there was a hose with a slightly skinnier handle, some sort of design on the actual hose, some unique colors, and washable, i would have absolutely no problem throwing down $40 a hose. But yes, i do see your point. In order to give accurate ideas to the hose companies, we must give our opinion as a whole, and make sure that the type of hose would suit most of us so that everyone else also wouldnt mind putting down 40 for a hose. And chances are, it would be much less than that. If i were a hose company and i had a whole forums telling me one hose that they all want, i would make it and sell it just over the manufacturing costs, because with the shear number of people wanting them, you would still make some serious cash, not to mention building a customer base.
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