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Default Re: Gona buy a KM wana see what you guys think.

I think most people that knock multihose hookahs are lone smokers or small group smokers. I can say that I prefer single hose hookahs for 1-3 people, but beyond that you either need multiple hookahs or mutiple hoses. As for not having autoseal, it is a godsend that it doesnt have autoseal. Autoseal is an engineering failure. Cover the hose, its not hard. As for people drawing simotaneously....or burning the bowl because people are drawing too fast etc etc. Things of that nature...I have never noticed this being the case, but heat management can be adjusted according. If you really don't need the second hose port, then I would recomend not getting it. However, if you reguarly entertain lots of guests, it is definately not a bad idea. I own 2 multihose rigs and like...a shitload of single hose rigs, guess which ones I use with company? ...
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