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Default Re: Gona buy a KM wana see what you guys think.

I personally own this one..

If I could go back.. I'd probably get two single hose hookahs instead. There's always someone not covering the hose, etc.. And someone who will get bored and want to switch flavors half way through the bowl.. I think having two single hose hookahs will offer a lot more variety, and with the KMs, you have to buy the second hose anyway, and it really kinda makes it worth it just to buy 2 single hose hookahs.. It'll be a small amount more, and a bit more work to manage heat on 2 simultaneously.. But it will offer variety for the session and make things interesting.

I did love this thing when I used to have big parties at a friends house.. But he moved out of his place and it's not like that any more so I usually smoke alone now.. And the second port just stays covered up anyway.

Just my 2 cents.

If you plan on sticking with just one hookah though, get the 2 hose. You're not going to be disappointed.. Sure the other person's gotta plug the end of their hose, but honestly, it does make things easier with the second hose. You can sit in a way that will give you more space because you don't have to be so close just to pass the hose.. It is definitely a nice experience.

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