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I nearly always use Lemishine in the vase to make it smell nice but will frequently just rinse off the rest of the parts and set them on the counter to dry--usually visually inspecting the inside of the downstem (by pointing it towards a light source) to see how it looks. If I can see residue, I'll go ahead and wash everything well. Usually, though, it looks fine.

I'm only rinsing out my washable hose about every third smoking session, although I do take the tips off and rinse/wash them with the rest of the hookah. If I'm switching from two drastically different flavors in an evening, I'll rinse the hose and tips out between the bowls and change the water in the vase too. I only have one hose I like to use at the moment.

Luckily, I only have the little Bambino so clean up is usually really easy.

Lately I fill the sink with a few inches of water, a bit of Lemishine, and some Basic H (an organic cleaner) and throw all the parts in there to soak a bit while I'm dissassembling everything and putting things away, swish 'em around good, use my fingers to wipe off residue, run the brush quickly through pretty much whatever it will fit through, rinse it all off and leave it to dry overnight.

I use tepid water on everything. Mostly so I don't oops and and accidentally use hot water in my vase.

I'm frequently tempted to leave it until morning but the problem with that is that I need to be able to put it all away in the morning so I have the counter space during the day. If I washed it in the morning, I'd have to find some place to let it sit and air dry besides my kitchen. That sounds like a pain to me.

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