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Default Re: Rant: Hookah hoses

Thank you.

In all seriousness new types of washable hoses would probably land around 21 or 22 bucks like the others that already exist. That's bout what I would expect to pay and based on materials and what is already available that is the most I would pay.

I want to reiterate, I love my razans. I use them all the time. But there are blends that I feel benefit from a different style of hose. For those I pull out my nour hose. I love it as well and I am sad to think that it will eventually become useless. At that time I will have to pay around 15 bucks to get a good hose that will again eventually rot. If there was a washable version I could spend 5 more and have it for a much longer time.

The nour hoses also look awesome to me.
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