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Default Re: Too Much Airflow?

I have a DIY on how to fix a KM hose, that unfortunately still isn't posted/edited. But, remove the mouth piece of the hose then clear all the excess glue with something sharp, either a razor blade or x-acto knife. Once that is done buy some plastic epoxy that you can find at lowe's or any other hardware store, I used Loctite's plastic epoxy. This stuff is really strong so just apply it to the outside of the mouth piece and on the plastic surface on the hose, while trying not to get it towards the center where the airflow is. (apply the glue with something thing, q-tips don't work, so a toothpick or something similar would work great). Push the mouth piece into the hose and hold it there for about a minute or so. Some glue might get forced inside the mouthpiece which will disrupt airflow, so I took a chop stick which was as wide as the gauge of the mouthpiece and pushed it through knocking out any of the excess glue. Let dry for at least 12 hours and your good to go. Hope this helps.
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