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Default Re: Flavored Charcoal?

Originally Posted by Fidelis Mortuus View Post
MMMMM CHEMICALS MMMMMM!!!......we all smoke... and your preaching chemicals? lol sorry the irony of it all just caught up to me..

what i see happen in every forum i am a part of whether it be paintball, hookah, or cars. the moment someone posts about something new they get a strong NAY from everyone even if they havnt tried it yet....these people seem afraid of change, if you arnt into trying new things you will never know for yourself whether or not its worth while, and if you havnt tried it you have no reason to dislike it, therefore i think the author of this thread should do a review and let us know whats up with the flavored coals, altho i would advise trying apple coals with something that goes good with apples, like other fruit and or apple flavors, spice flavors, etc.. let me know how it goes, i might buy some because i like new things and who knows, this might be revolutionary? after all, if no one ever tried new things and stuck with the old trusty way of doing things we'd all be sitting in egypt or iran sitting around a snake charmer and a cave man preaching about the new invention called the "wheel" i mean after all.. wtf can we use a wheel for anyways?

well while people are afraid of change a lot i think there is reasonable fear of flavored coals. as to the fear of change in paintball there was a lot of really crappy products that came out and wasted money, screwed companies over, were the "best thing ever" and ended up being junk, etc, heck i got in to the sport right before the crazy bps ride, i remember when lasoya knocked the kid out from bounce that lead to the caps on bps, heck i was surprised when i heard there are new caps. heck i never owned an electro and my newest marker is an auto mag i pieced together and it can run with anything else out there, pretty old design, been around for a good long while but as good as anything else. so while i agree there is fear of change a lot of people just dont want to waste time with something that that isnt going to be any better in the long run. (yall thought i was totally digressing )

i really just would be worried as to what was causing the flavor from the coals, as to the "your smoking and worried about chemicals" heres my thought on tobacco, tobacco it self is not that addictive and not that bad for you, it is all the pure shit that companies add in to things that cause addiction and disease/death (not fully but they sure increase it a hell of a lot IMHO). i dont want any extra chemicals in my smoke that are not naturally there the way these tobaccos are produced.

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