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Default Re: Flavored Charcoal?

Originally Posted by mattathayde View Post
well, idk about the apex doing much for the sport, maybe the flat line, but the apexes were more of a head ache when i reffed cause you have to make sure people chronoed the right. and frankly ive never gotten hit by someone using an apex to curve around to get me, but i know ive probably shot a few people while they were fumbling with one . the best barrel i found that was one of the niche barrels was the hammer head rifle barrel but it was still nothing big, only when you break paint the balls curve/drop the same way every time but when it comes down to it no barrel matches my single piece dye AL barrel that was before they made boomsticks or ULs still shoots the best, tried and true. i actually used a lot of "new" things (sound activated hoppers, ricochet hopper, CF barrels, stealth pods [which have since gone away afaik, we only got half of our promised sponsorship out of them too bastards], jumped on the vents masks, etc) the issue is that many people jump on products because they are new and try them only because they are new yet have no reason to believe they are good/safe/reliable/cost effective. i learn really quick to really vet the products and see real life usage of them and to avoid certain companies. same idea as why now i am avoiding herbal shisha made form sugar cane until i see proof it is no worse for me than tobacco... plus i think it tastes weird

as to the chemicals the only thing that is somethings fake is the flavors in the tobacco (which is steamed/fumed off as apposed to burned off like in the charcoal) and the rest of the stuff is pretty safe, you can and do eat all of the components of shisha (spare tobacco for the majority of the population), yet a lot of the stuff they add to cigs you wouldnt even want to handle with out gloves at bare minimum

haha like we all havnt burned a little shisha every session... smoke is caused by combustion man... combustion of anything that causes smoke causes new chemical reactions... smoke is basically carbon monoxide... say what you want but in the end there is nothing healthy about inhaling any smoke for that reason alone... as for the apex barrel.. i went paintballing today and got at least 3 kills a round by bunkering and hitting people behind trees.. if youi havent been hit by it it means the people shooting at you wernt competant.. youv never paintballed against my woodsball team but i digress. this is a hookah thread not a paintball thread so in all actuallity if you wanna continue this convo we need to do it in pm's not this thread..

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