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Default Re: Multi Hose Hookah?

Originally Posted by Coldgr33ntea View Post
Actually, i would get a a cheaper hookah. The multi hose KMs and MYAs are expensive....

i agree but if you wanted to get the mini acrylic hookah mya offers, i think i paid 30 total for it new, plus the cost of the adapter and another hose. however you are right, they typically are a bit more expensive.

multi hoses look cool and are conveniant for parties or collections but man, i hardly ever use more than one hose, and i have a big ass bohemian mya that i could use as a multi hoser; but i rarely use it in that configuration. i really enjoy the fact i can change that about my myas, whereas if you get a nice KM the adapter doesnt unscrew..... so you kinda limit yourself.

its all about what you want man, and the practicality of what you will use multiple hoes's for. and if you want a nicer hookah for your collection. good luck finding the right one. oh yeah, something else nice about the myas....i could totally use my stem as a night stick if i had to...its solllllidddd
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