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Default Re: Flavored Charcoal?

Originally Posted by Fidelis Mortuus View Post
haha like we all havnt burned a little shisha every session... smoke is caused by combustion man... combustion of anything that causes smoke causes new chemical reactions... smoke is basically carbon monoxide... say what you want but in the end there is nothing healthy about inhaling any smoke for that reason alone... as for the apex barrel.. i went paintballing today and got at least 3 kills a round by bunkering and hitting people behind trees.. if youi havent been hit by it it means the people shooting at you wernt competant.. youv never paintballed against my woodsball team but i digress. this is a hookah thread not a paintball thread so in all actuallity if you wanna continue this convo we need to do it in pm's not this thread..

most of the "smoke" we get is steam/moisture/vapor s apposed to smoke, theoretically in a perfect hookah there is no "smoke" because nothing burns, same idea as charcoal, you heat it to the point that everything volatile off gasses and leaves pretty much carbon alone (of course when you light it up there is some stuff that burns off but when coal is burning fully it is "coke" or pure burnable carbon thus only gives CO/CO2). i dont argue that hookah is not bad in any way but it is sure a lot less bad than cigs, heck when i get more of a cough and sore lungs after once cig than after 3 hours of constant hookah that seems to prove it enough to me.

ill hit you up later to chat up paintball, gota finish some work for this stupid online class and already am getting distracted enough by replying to threads that are getting updated

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