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Default Re: Rant: Hookah hoses

ya, i dont mind the nammors to much but i do see issues with them, no argument on that front. i like the wide flow even when i smoke my black style but thats all personal. i would like a hose i dont have to worry about washing it is hot water (even though i dont wash them really), i dont mind the hose tubing it self but if it was up to me to design a hose from scratch i would probably use a thinner handle, probably drop the puffs for something else, and make the end of the hose tips a bit thinner (still not out of metal unless it was silver or gold just due to the pure properties of the metals/tastes)

after reading this i think im going to try and make a hose or 2 when i get back up to school, not sure what i will do for ends but i will probably use a good plastic (or might even take apart my broken nammor instead of rebuilding it). idk i have access to a lathe but idk if i could really lathe plastic on it too easily, we will see

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