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Default Re: Cigarette vs. Hookah Smoke quick "napkin" study

How do we blow this quote out of the water (or hookah as it where):

"In fact, typical hookah tobacco contains three times the nicotine of one cigarette"

Yes, I hate to say it but that information comes to us thanks to a website by the name of and can be found in this lovely article, should you choose to be brainwashed:

Let's see, I used to smoke at least a pack a day, or 20 cigs. 1 bowl = 3X cigs. I pack of cigs = apx 7 bowls. I now smoke, on average, 2 bowls a day or the same as 6 cigs. Man I am so not good at math but I think I done did cut my intake by around 75%! Yea me, eat that Marlboro Man. On top of that, what is a "bowl" and what is "typical hookah tobacco"? I smoke 2 quick light coals most of the time than call it good. On the other hand I would smoke a cig till I was burning my lips and tasted filter. Is "typical hookah tobacco" a bowl, 50g, 250g a kilo?

This is starting to sound like it could be bad for us as it is cheaper to do so thus collecting less tax money.

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