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Default Re: Flavored Charcoal?

Originally Posted by Bigglesworth View Post
Yah enough of the Paintball we all know Airsoft is better....
(Had put this in)
Hmmmm......I wonder how much impact the flavor is from one of these coals?
Im saying like if you had say a bowl of mint and a apple coal would it taste like a minty apple or would you pretty much just be able to smell apple or nothing at all?
airsoft is for pansies, one of my buddies was taking pics at a field that had an airsoft event and all the "hardcore" guys were saying they didnt want to try paintball cause it hurt and was messy

Originally Posted by Fidelis Mortuus View Post
i have yet to meet someone that has got cancer or other problems from hookah and know many people who are as healthy as normal... but these people just smoke hookah not ciggerretes and cigars and everything else so im not sure that counts
interesting thing i saw mentioned, didnt get to see official results though is that cigar and pipe smokers lived longer than non smokers since they relaxed and enjoyed something in their lives (plus not inhaling probably). i think a lot has to do with the way you use it too, cigs become a crutch where as hookah can be used either way. i use hookah to relax and decompress but dont need it in my day... even though i smoke 99% of the days i am up at school

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