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Why not add in your vitals as well. Temperature, blood pressure, pulse rate... hell add in height and weight. All should be simple. You might want to check with a local gym, you might be able to go in and do a simple stress test a few times if you tell them you are doing some research and just want to use a treadmill. Than you can check your vitals and do your pushups and add in how long it takes you to jog a mile or what not. Sounds like it could be interesting. You could get a few people to be subjects with you along with a few control people who don't smoke. Do what ever it is you do and than (this part will suck) do it again after not smoking for a week. Hell if you organize it enough it could turn into a "Super Size Me" type deal. Give your local college a call too they might have a research department willing to give you a hand. I know I have seen some stuff advertised around me for the University Of Michigan looking for hookah smokers.
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