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Smile Re: Flavored Charcoal?

Originally Posted by Fidelis Mortuus View Post
so could you say that you attribute these problems to smoking in general or just smoking hookah ?
I only smoke a little hookah, now that I sell it, so I know what I am selling, and I like it. I have never smoked before in my life. I was a health nut, vitamin chucking, sports exercise fanatic, organic food, no sugar, no white flower, health nut.Waste of money and life really, spending all that time worrying about stuff killing me, when I was doing it to myself.
All I did never helped me, on the contrary all those vitamins, and minerals were making my immune system even more over active.Now I am not allowed to touch the vitamins and last December I finished a year of light chemo. Now, that's nasty chemicals, but it worked. Seriously our bodies are well made machines, filling them with too much of any one thing is not good, enjoy everything that's good in moderation. My illnesses are a mystery no one knows were they came from, I just know I'm not leaving yet. There are too many people without hookahs in this world, just kidding.
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