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Default Re: Rant: Hookah hoses

^^ I've thought about making my own hoses too but unless you'll be making them in bulk, it's not very cost effective if you want to build something similar in materials and quality as say a Nammor/Razan. For one, it's difficult to find a readily available source for hose material that is washable, 1/2" ID (size of Razan hose), maintains it's shape, and flexible enough to be used well with a hookah. Tubing is too susceptible to kinks and reinforced tubing is too rigid. A lot of commonly found stuff that could work isn't available in hookah friendly sizes, unless you really want to be sucking on a 1-1/2" to 2" hose. I found some flexible pond hose that might work out well, but it's too expensive to be worth it unless you buy a lot of it. Making the tips removable also becomes a problem when trying to find properly sized grommets. From what I've seen, the handles of the Razan are sized that big because of the grommets. It was much easier and cheaper in the end to buy a Razan and mod it for what I wanted out of a hose, although I do admit I still think about building my own every now and then.

Making acrylic tips on a lathe would be fairly simple assuming you know how to operate a lathe. If you want to make a Razan style tip, shape the tip first on a lathe and then take it to a sander to square off the sides a bit. After that it's simply a matter of drilling down the center of it, polishing the whole thing clear, and then applying acrylic paint to the inside to finish the look.
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