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Default Re: you burn and you learn

Originally Posted by MichaelMassacre View Post
Pack Nakhla like Tangiers, like John does. Pack it down, nice & tight & hard in the bowl. Long sessions, great flavor & better clouds. Not f-off clouds or anything, but still very nice clouds.
^^ This, although I don't quite pack it "hard" into the bowl. I build up a mound of tobacco and scoop with the bowl. Then I use a fork and pack it around until it is slightly above the inner spire. If I have to pack it in relatively hard and it sponges back, I take out some tobacco.

This is the same way I pack Tangiers and get similar clouds with the exception of using more heat (3 CH QLs for Nakhla with a small phunnel and wind cover compared to 2-3 CH QLs or 4 Canary Goldens for Tangiers). Air flow is key, and I've found the holes over the center spire have a big impact on how it smokes. I use a crap ton of evenly spaced holes in double layered regular Reynolds foil. The holes are probably ~1/16" diameter spaced ~1/8" apart across the entire foil.

One small phunnel bowl packed this way will last me 2-3 rounds of charcoal.
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