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Default Re: you burn and you learn

Originally Posted by MichaelMassacre View Post
Pack Nakhla like Tangiers, like John does. Pack it down, nice & tight & hard in the bowl. Long sessions, great flavor & better clouds. Not f-off clouds or anything, but still very nice clouds.
see when i pack it up in my phunnel i get one good round of coals, then an ok second round but it starts to taste a touch burned, not harsh like its burning just kinda charred taste, so idk

Originally Posted by Coldgr33ntea View Post
Last night i got the best clouds and flavor ive ever had. It was with Nakhla Double Apple. I went to the shisha store and bought a brand new box, then i opened it and put it in the vortex bowl, with about 1-2mm of room to breathe. For coals i had two Akhla Quicklights. Im not sure why, but the flavor was amazing, more so than SB or anything. The clouds were crazy too, and i never ashed or moved the coals too, just both at opposite side of the bowl. 1 layer of HD foil, nothing special.
1-2 mm from the rim? isnt the vortex supposed to be packed up to the holes or is that just how people have started packing it since its so big. i do plan on getting one when i get my new rig soon (hopefully) looks like a good idea and figure i might as well try it out

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