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Default Re: Rant: Hookah hoses

Originally Posted by foibled View Post
Tubing kinks when flexed and tape will not really solve that problem. You could try reinforcing it by wrapping it with wire and then taping over that. The problem I have with tapes is the longevity of adhesives, especially when repeatedly exposed to water over a long time. A wrap that is held by cord, like how most of the covered washable hoses are now, avoids that problem. I would prefer using heat shrink to cover a hose but that would get expensive.

Delrin is FDA approved so there isn't much of a concern there. It's fine for conditions a typical hose would see and is more overkill than anything. It is a porous material however, so an acetal copolymer might be a better choice if you really want to use such a plastic. One important thing to keep in mind is that Delrin is a polymerized formaldehyde. When heated or exposed to any strong acid or base, it will release formaldehyde gas. You will probably notice this while machining it so make sure your work area is well ventilated, use compressed air, and don't work it too fast. While it's melting point is higher than anything a hose will see, coals burn hot enough to ignite Delrin, which burns invisible and releases toxic gas.

If you want to be cheap, just buy some acetone and use it to dissolve styrofoam to form polystyrene. The polystyrene will actually be a bit moldable until the acetone evaporates away.

Personally I'd just stick with acrylic.
ooo chemistry, havent had this much explination of chem stuff since i talked to my friend about stuff when i was writing a paper in HS and he was working as a reverse engineer in a plastics lab.

depending on the type of tape i think you could really reenforce the tubing from kinking but maybe not. all of the washable hoses now use the corrugated tubing any way so that might be part of how it works the way it does, which would be an easy solution to start with.

i didnt realize the other properties of delrin, only ever had it as bolts in paintball guns and for some other pieces here and there, didnt realize what it let off and all. it honestly would probably be a bit heavy though to start with. i might just lampwork a glass tip when i take that class in spring sem but idk how much i would really like it (i.e. with my luck ill break it and have to make a new one)

as to the water exposure i never wash the out side of my hoses so i dont think it would be a huge deal but ehh we will see what i do when i get there

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