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Default Re: New to Hookahs... FAIL after FAIL...need adive...

Make sure you mix up your shisha, because most of the flavor is in the juices that will settle at the bottom, so make sure you mix it up well.

When you pack your bowl break up the shisha into little peices and drop it into the bowl, don't pack it down or you won't get no air flow and you wont be able to get any flavor from the shisha on the bottom and leave a good amount of space between the shisha and foil or else you are just going to burn your top layer and that will pretty much kill your session.

Make sure your coals are lit all the way, especially with coconaras, they usually take some time and they sometimes look like they are ready when they really aren't.

I would suggest maybe getting a vortex bowl, I know alot of people say the vortex and phunnel are the same but I prefer my vortex over my phunnel.
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