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Default Re: New to Hookahs... FAIL after FAIL...need adive...

if your sure there are no leaks (by putting it all together and suction testing by plugging the bowl) you should look at tobacco and/or heat management.

are you mixing up your tobacco before you pack it, how are you packing the tobacco, your getting little smoke but is it getting harsh? how long are you waiting before you say it failed? it takes 10-15 mins to heat up w/o a wind cover on even with smoking, i usually start it off with a wind cover and it takes about 5 mins to get going well.

if your getting little to no flavor i would be betting that its that your not mixing up your tobacco though

edit- you replied as i was writing, with the burning or little smoke im pretty sure its mixing it up or you have a leak you cant find. i had a leak for a while that i didnt realize, not huge but enough to give me noticeable results


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