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Default Re: New to Hookahs... FAIL after FAIL...need adive...

it doesn't need more coal, 2 is ussualy more than enough
I would really look into seeing if all your grommets are air tight, just throw some electrial tape on them to beef them up to make a tighter seal...
Ussually the problem is either the bowl grommet or the one around the base... I haven't seen to many issues with hose grommets... I've actually gotten away with not using them on my old egyptian the nammor hose was alittle to wide to use a grommet so i just shoved it in there without and worked perfectly... make sure you put the hose in tight enough... every now and then you'll run across a stem where the welds arn't air tight, i doubt this is the problem but check just to be sure, look around the area where the stem comes out and see if there are any gaps air can be coming through... but when you put your stem in you should have to wiggle it into place if it goes in easier than that it's ussually not tight enough. and try this with your standard bowl, its more likly to fit tighter...

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