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Default Re: New to Hookahs... FAIL after FAIL...need adive...

Originally Posted by Ernest_Borgnine View Post
I'm actually getting some decent smoke now, but I really can't taste a thing.

It's just like I'm smoking hot harsh air.

Even if I don't inhale it, just keep puffing on it. No taste.
if thats the case, its deffinatly not enough water... experament with more (if it comes up throught the hose its two much, once you find the sweet spot always fill to that area)... put more water in and it wont be as harsh and smoke should be thicker, If there is two much empty space the smoke thins , and if the water level is two low the smoke doesnt cool enough... Try droping in a few ice cubes right now it should raise the water level and make the smoke colder... Plus its said the cold is supost. to make the smoke condense more.
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