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Default Why no love for

Ok, so i have noticed that very few people on here seem to order from, or even know of the existance of It is a relative new comer, having only been around for less than a year, but Les (the owner) has a pretty great selection, good prices, and a REDICULOUSLY low flat rate shipping of like 7 bucks.

I mean, I think that most people on here have an affinity for **********... and for good reason. I love HJ and i think he runs an excellent business, and he remains one of my go to guys. If you look at THS's selection and pricing you will find that they gave a lot of the same products for roughly the same price. They both have things the other doesnt... like John carries AF hookahs and Temsah. THS carries regular Nours, he also has HH and HF tobacco which is a huge plus for me after developing an affinity for those lines fromt he 'Kicking Off 2009 With Free Shisha' contest, as well as vortex bowls (which is also a plus since i love me the vortex).

Anyways, I just wanted to see how many people have dealt with TheHookahStore, and maybe bring this vendor to some of your attention.

To be clear, i have absolutely no ties to the site. I just think it is kind of shocking that the site doesn't really get any recognition.
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