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Default dirty jersey cops

So i was driving with my QT in the front seat and get pulled over by my local popo because they have nothing better to do then sit in front of local bars at night. My town was actually in the Guiness Book of World Records for the most bars on the same stretch of 1 mile road. I take this road to get home or I would have to go around and take a highway which is patrolled by state troopers. Anywho I'm driving and get pulled over with my QT in the front seat. So the lights start flashing and I throw it on the backseat floor. He checks my car and asks what that is. I said it is a hookah pipe and explain what it is used for. He they proceeded to tell me it was for smoking illegal substances and I quickly tried to correct him.

The cop got frustrated with me and tells me not to get fresh with him. Calmly I try to explain to him what it's used for and he flips out. The f*cker decided to smash my Toyotal Celica Driver Side mirror with his baton. So idk what really to do because my town cops are full of immature and power hungry douchebags.

I called up a hotline for my car and they said it will cost me 372$ + tax to get the unit replaced. Yeah ok.... so tomorrow I gotta hit up a junkyard in the morning and see if they could swap out the unit and repaint it if they have it.

I did get the badge # because he also slapped me with 2 tickets for obstruction of view for my Rutgers parking permit and radar detector, but managed to leave the navigation unit alone lol.

I don't think I can win this by going into the police station and explaining that he wen't apeshit over a hookah pipe. O yea he let me keep it. I guess if he took it to the station, I would have won a lawsuit.

This leaves me with a 300$ fine + replacement + installation cost of the driver side mirror + unit.

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