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Default Re: dirty jersey cops

Originally Posted by mattathayde View Post
if a cop smashed my mirror that would have ended up with my in jail probably for assault on an officer. you need to press charges, take that cock sucker to court and get him nailed. there is a cop here that i wouldnt be surprised if he did that but i think once some one took him to court for it i would get slammed for the ass hole he is

use every legal channel you can, even if you lose it is known that you complained about the cop. i would think you can tell the difference between hitting something and knocking your mirror off and a baton to the top. what was the reason the cop stopped you for, they have to have a reason to do so, not jsut you look suspicious. at bare min i would go to court and argue the tickets and tell them what happened, even if you have to get a lawyer to do so. the parking pass obstruction i think a judge will toss out pretty fast and the radar detector while they are listed as illegal in most states there is a lot of issues with the law (my traffic engineer friend was telling me about this) it is not illegal to own a scanner or other radio receiver and thats all a detector is so the laws contradict each other.

honestly at that point i would have rolled up my window and called 911 or something cause thats fucking way out of line. thats the kind of cop that needs to piss some one off and get a bullet in his head... or just needs to go swallow a 45

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