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Default Re: dirty jersey cops

Originally Posted by D-Szlos View Post
Take his ass to court, thats malicious destruction of property exceeding $250, which is a felony. Because its involving a police officer you can get a free attourney to argue your case. Of course these lawyers are over burdened and underpayed, but if you lose you dont pay anything, and you scared the piss out of the officer. Not to mention the complaint filed will be on his record for the rest of his life.

Edit: Which reminds me of my VT state police story. I was pulled over by a VT statie, and he took down my info and asked if i had anything in the car that he needed to know about, and i said as i always do "i have a lisence to carry a concealed firearm, and am carrying at the moment" The cop wigged out and had me step out of the car at gunpoint and disarmed me and proceeded to slam me onto the hood of my truck and cuff me. Next thing i know they had towed my truck to the impound and i was sitting in the brattleburro state PD station. My one call wasnt to a lawyer, it was to my cousins cell phone. Now my cousin happens to be 2nd in command of the vermont state police and i hear over the radio him saying to keep the arresting officer there and hed be there in an hour. He shows up, threatens the officer and puts in a formal report in order to bust the trooper down a rank. Needless to say the officer violated my rights and payed for it. The cost of towing my vehicle came out of his pocket.
D your stories never seize to amuse me. Police officers abusing their powers is something that goes overlooked and shrugged off by their superior way too often. THe bastard got what he deserved in this case
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