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Default Hose Number

I prefer 4 hoses. I think that as a smoker, it suits me best. I always have 8+ people at my house, and i find it easier for each person to have their own hose or to be paired off. Usually, people end up pairing off naturally without me saying anything. People also like to have their "own hose", that is, the people who are at my house very often end up using the same hose over and over. This keeps the sicknesses and viral mouth infections at bay, and yes i do wash the hoses after every session. I find heat management easier with just one hookah, and the cost fro me is cheaper than buying a separate 1 hosed hookah; each Mya port adapter is 4 dollars, i got one free with my Mya Odyssey from H-S for some unknown reason, so only about 94 bucks.

Lemon Tea, Fuzzy Naval, Lemonade, White Peach, Irish Cream (HH), Marlet are a few of the flavors that every single person really enjoys. I use them constantly with no whiners.
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