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Default Re: dirty jersey cops

Originally Posted by Huskysibe View Post
So let me get this straight, you very calmly informed him it was a legal hookah and he violently smashed your drivers side mirror because of your calmness?! I bet theres more to the story, my guess is you gave him some attitude. Not sure if whatever you did justified him smashing your mirror, that was a judgement call the officer had to make at the time.
nothing would justify a cop breaking a part of your car or any of your property. closest thing is a destructive search of a vehicle but thats only if they basically get a search warrant cause probably cause doesnt let them start to rip panels off or cut tires open. i agree there is 2 sides of a story and then there is the truth but seeing as the OP was never cuffed or even asked to exit the vehicle yet the officer started swinging his baton that is way way over the line. if you cant hit an out of line cop they should be held to the fullest extent of the law and striped of their badge (along with probably a lot of other rights since if john q public walked up and did that while carrying a gun on their belt they would be charged with carrying a weapon in the commission of a felony)

Originally Posted by glostersa View Post
Well in the states you can report him to the proper authorities (see Paulk's post) now the angle he stopped at can be crucial if both your headlights and his was on the glare might be enough to eliminate the video footage of him smashing the mirror or that is what he is bargaining on but if they can clean it up a bit with filters they might get usable footage. My advise is that if he ticketed you after breaking the mirror that it is police harassment and thus the tickets should be voided and your mirror be replaced and you be compensated for the uncalled for stress. Go to the local courthouse and speak to the DA and see what happens.

(Ps If it was here in South Africa slip the Metrocop some cash and you are away yes they are that corrupt)
theres probably some cops like that here but i think this guy would hae at the bare minimum cuffed the OP and made up some crazy ass charge if not shot him

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