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Default Re: dirty jersey cops

Originally Posted by FusionX View Post
so i have good news and bad news...

i decided to go to the police station and question the L shape turn.
They said if he has 0 video and pulled up in front of you and we are both facing traffic then any sort of tickets would get thrown out 110% in court reguardless. I didn't show them my tickets or mention the incident.

Bad news is I found a replacement for 40$ bucks at the junkyard and I installed it myself successfully. I lost 40$, but quickly made it back by doing absolutley nothing at work.

I also learned that the town next to me is retiring 20 cops and the application process opens up in one month. Hmmm maybe new job for me?!

But seriously, thanks for the support guys
seriously if your responsible, have a straight head, wont let power get to your head and want a good job do it. but if you do get your ass to the range and learn to shoot and shoot a boat load, there are too many cops out there that cant shoot well, they can pass the test but remember when your under stress your skills drop dramatically.

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