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Default Re: MYA Auto-Seal Hose Adapters

You were probably sent the wrong adapters. Try contacting the vendor and see what they have to say.

If you are using the Mya regular gauge hoses, you might be able to get them to work by screwing in the adapter into the stem, putting the ball bearing in the adapter followed by the hose grommet and hose tip. After taking a hit through that hose, the ball bearing should fall back down and reseat itself. This is assuming the ball bearings you have are the same size as the ones that come in the Mya autoseal adapters as they are slightly larger than the tip opening of the Mya hose.

Do not attempt this with a wide gauge hose like a Nammor or Razan. You will suck the ball bearing straight into the hose and if hard enough, into your mouth.

Take care not to lose the ball when taking it apart. The screw in the autoseal adapter is there to keep the ball from falling out or getting sucked up into the hose if the hose tip is wide enough.
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