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Default Re: MYA Auto-Seal Hose Adapters

DOH! I didn't think about it but you were given that adapter because the QT only has 2 hose ports. If the QT heart is anything like the larger Mya hearts, the purge valve stem is screwed in and sealed by an o-ring just like hose adapter on the other port but because it is hard to remove, you were given a different autoseal adapter. That one is made to screw on to the purge valve stem instead of into the stem port like the ones you will typically find pictured on websites. The 5 hole screen inside the adapter performs the same function as the screw would in a regular Mya autoseal adapter.

So yes, you do have an autoseal hose adapter there but it has to be used with the purge stem and the ball is not built into it. The description on the webpage was describing a regular Mya autoseal adapter. Just be careful not to lose the ball when switching out the adapter for the purge valve cap.
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