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Default Re: Acclimating some Peach Iced Tea I received today...

Originally Posted by Knights View Post
Hey folks, update.

I've tried smoking this shisha 4-5 times since I made this post and it's been pretty awful almost every time. Maybe that's being a bit harsh, but the flavor is just so underwhelming and I'm doing everything that I'm supposed to be doing.

I'm using a Tangiers phunnel and using the 'dam' method of scooping the tobacco and evening it out with a fork. I use half a stick of an Exotica, snapped in two, that has been fully ashed before going anywhere near my hookah. I let it warm up for 5 minutes before I even start hitting it. We tried it the other night and were pulling tasteless smoke for 15 minutes before we gave up and decided to do something else. Clouds were fine, just the taste wasn't really there.

Maybe Tangiers just hates Masaschusettes weather.
its finicky, i dont buy the fork method, i just pack it my hand hard enough so the juice is squeezing out a bit, pack it up to the level of the center hole, i dont wait at all once i coal, tangiers smokes really fast and a phunnel bowl smokes the first pull. i dont even put holes all the way down (some people feel it makes uneven heat pockets). some flavors are really light, some flavors have more issues, some time the humidity screws it up, sometimes its just a bad pack.

i like tangiers dont get my wrong but it can be a pain some times.
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