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Default Re: My electric charcoal EXPLODED!

Originally Posted by cbyerspace View Post
It could of been air traped in the ceramics... If there is an air pocket it will expand causing it to eplode, this happens alot with ceramics and clay, ussually its during firing that It would explod, but I guess it is possible to happen after words... just a thought.

It could have also been the exposure to cold air, with ceramics if it goes form being hot to instantly being exposed to cold it will crack, maybe your ac kicked on and was blowing on it...

Who knows... I still would like to try one of these out... I would just use a wind cover to keep it from going everwhere just in case... lol
i really doubt the heat would be the sole cause of it, firing goes up 2-3 times the operation temps of these units but i guess porosity could be a factor but idk. the thermal shock of air i dont see really being much of an issue either with the way ceramic is (air isnt exactly a great thermal conductor so its hard to thermal shock something)

no matter what, there is a quality issue here that im not sure is going to be resolved well, i dont want to bash on a product i havent tried especially when a representative takes the time to come here. however, if they have these certifications how are there so many issues, makes me thing there are not good quality control checks on the products and subpar quality materials are being used.

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