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Default Re: My electric charcoal EXPLODED!

Originally Posted by cbyerspace View Post
I agree that its a quality control thing, I mean think about shisha for instance how many people have gotten a bad batch of nakhla yet continue to smoke it regardless... But its beyond me how it would actually explod... Im not going to bash the product either I actually would love to try one of these I just have to find one where I wont spend alot on shipping so far the only ones out there that i have found have to be imported from china.
how many people have gotten a bad batch of nakhla, usually any nakhla issue is that it was left on the shelf too long at a small shop.

ya i think its only made in china now, which over all i dont want stuff from china, ya theres good stuff that comes out of it but they have a bad wrap of junk but its not just made up

i think that propane thing that was on the shecool (IIRC) site was maybe a better idea but i would worry about CO/ CO2 on that, not sure the difference between it and coals

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