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Default a stupid question and a funny story

ok so first ill start out with the question.. atm i am smoking some fantasia pink lemonade (yummy) and i was wondering.. does it matter what kinda hole pattern you poke in your foil or how many holes, hole size etc etc?

and as for the funny story..
so the other day im smokin hookah with my neighbor and i asked him how he got into hookah.. and he told me.. in his own words. word for word "i figured if i smoked hookah it would get me off ciggerretes because shisha doesnt have any nicotine......" no joke.. he said that.. i wasted a hit of hookah laughing my ass off... i dunno that sounds pretty epicly stupid to me especially since he wasnt smoking herbal, he was smoking starbuzz.... just thought id share a stupid moment with you guys...
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