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Default Re: a stupid question and a funny story

Originally Posted by Fidelis Mortuus View Post
hmmm iv found if you exhale with both mouth and nose you get a much stronger flavor but thats just me... as for nicotine level being lower that is true.. but there is still nicotine in starbuzz..which was the part i found amusing.. maybe its just me but trading one smoky nicotine for another just seems like skiing uphill.
Well that would be true if SB had nicotine similar to smoking a cigarette. I'm not bashing your story but rather just clarifying. That's kind of like saying that smoking washed hookah tobacco is similar to smoking a strong cigar. Entirely different nicotine levels and you can feel it. that' why a cigarette smoker often won't feel the buzz often associated with hookah smoking.

Cheers though on making what hopefully will be a new smoking buddy.
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