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Default Re: there cant be much tar in shisha

Originally Posted by myka View Post
Speaking of cigarettes, my dad and his friend had been smoking cigarettes for years. Nothing had worked for them, nicotine patches were a fail after fail. They got acupuncture about 8 months ago (un-sure about the correct date) and they haven't had any cigarette cravings since.

Crazy video by the way.
ya acupuncture and other "alternative" medicines end up working a hell of a lot better than "modern" medicines. ive been going to a guy for a while and he has found a lot more issues and fixed them that "real" docs just say "thats just how it is, just live with it"

ya jimmmmmmaaaa, i know ive smoked with friends for 4-5 hours and only had a tinge to the water but there was also pieces of tobacco in there so most of the color was probably from that and stuff dripping. any test would have to be done with a phunnel with a tobacco that cannot drip (ive had tangiers drip a bit even with a phunnel that was packed just to the hole level) i think though that those that dont change the water would have mentioned it turning brown a while ago

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