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Originally Posted by patelbadboy2006 View Post
Peronally i prefer my phunnel over the vortex as the phunnel holds less shisha then the vortex, and all the shisha seems to be cooked out of the phunnel but some is left over in the vortex, but that is probably my only complaint of it, but i would go for the genie vortex if your a single smoker
I used to have that problem alot, but I experimented with packing it and I think I got it down, its ussually burnt all the way through, but you do have to pack diff brands diff. they all burn alittle diff... but i did post a diy in the homemade section that helps if you don't want to use as much shisha... its very easy you just twist up a peice of foil and make a little ring around the bottom it ussualy makes it about 1/2' less shallow...
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