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Default Tobacco For Beginners...

Hey all. I have been smoking Hookah for about 5 years. I used it to quit smoking 4 years ago and since then I only smoke Herbal Shisha. I would like to get back into enjoying tobacco. I had a couple of 50g packs of Nakhla (now about 3 years old but still sealed). It was actually quite moist. I absolutely hated it. It really blew away my throat and I was buzzed for 20 minutes!
I saw in the reviews section that most say it is one of the stronger tobacco's. Anyone have any suggestions as to a good tobacco shisha that is considered mild and generally doesn't give to much of a buzz? I don't care much about nicotine so that isn't an issue. Just a good mild smoke. Flavors aren't that important. I like most anything except mint or really fake flavors like bubble gum. As always thanks for your suggestions!
I did search and read through a couple of older threads about this subject but figured I would get some new opinions.

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