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Default Re: Acclimating some Peach Iced Tea I received today...

Originally Posted by annual View Post
maybe not "pack the shit" out of it but give it a good press down. then make sure your holes are going thru the shisha not just the top layer, you want it to burn all the way to the bottom. hope it works out for you.
see ive heard both arguments on the holes all the way down, one says all the way down so it smokes evenly yet the other side says it gives uneven heat pockets leading to issues, i have good success w/o holes all the way down since the juice doesnt get stuck up in the holes and char them shut, both ways i start to get a char taste during the 2nd round a bit and usually a good amount by the 3rd, maybe if i let it sit a bit before i recoal the juice would equalize better

i press it down enough with my fingers that the juice starts to press out a touch (when i stop pressing the juice goes back in), much lighter than that and i get too much tangiers tickle

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