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Default Re: Questions about Al Fakher Solid Hookah

Originally Posted by Scoop View Post
you want to make the stem 2 pieces?

the idea behind a none fused or threaded stem is that there wont be failure in the stem due to these very things. i wouldn't do it..
Yep. The stem tube in the stem would all be left as one piece. The separation would be at or just below the bottom of the heart so the downtube would be the removable. A failure at that joint would be easily accessible for repair. The benefit would be easier cleaning in a sink, portability, and ability to use longer downtubes for taller vases.

The biggest advantage to a one piece stem tube IMO is minimal flow restrictions. The stainless steel stem tube I made for my Mya Bohemian is only 1/32" smaller in diameter than the AF's and has a larger downtube, but the 3 additional joints/o-rings make a noticeable difference in draw.
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