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Default Re: who sais a QT hits like a KM?

The amount of smoke held in the vase has nothing to do w/ the amount of smoke that goes through the hose, simply stated, if there isnt that much smoke stored, when you inhale, and more smoke goes down into the vase, you will be compensated.

The issue people may be discussing is whether or not you will get as big of clouds w/ a QT. I can tell you with a Sahara Smoke 13" Genie you can get clouds of equal proportion, (check my mint extract vid in the experimentations section), but the joy isnt the amount of smoke, its more the flavor and general feeling. If you can get a good draw on your QT then great, but if youre comparing it to a KM on just cloud volume, then the arguement is really pointless, you can get giant clouds w/ a pumpking hookah.

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