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Default Re: coal headaches...

Originally Posted by cbyerspace View Post
I have been trying diff coals and so far the coconara's are my fav but are not worth the money to me, so I decided to try exotica coals out and they are great coals I even love the way they ash ( there is literly no mess...) but they give me horrible migrain headaches... I was thinking of trying cronic hookah coals, I hear they are comprable to coconarra's but are half the price... But maybe Im doing something wrong with the exoticas, I hear lighting them outside helps, but that really isn't an option to me, when I light them I light all for sides for alittle over a minute each... and is it just me or do the coconara's burn cleaner... They are the only coals i've used that doesn't discolor the foil... and do cronic hookah coals burn as good.
How are you lighting the coals? Sometimes that can be the problem.
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